Fun and engaging games that impart social and historical learning

Academy Games publishes fun and engaging games that also impart social and historical learning. We specialize in historical board games for gaming enthusiasts, schools, museums, universities and military personnel. Our products range from family games to tactical training games. Our games are quick to learn and fun to play. Each game gives the participants a sense of history by including write-ups and maps that neutrally describe why the situations or conflicts occurred, how they progressed and their historical repercussions. We are honored by the many awards that we have received and hope to follow them up with new games that exceed our customer's expectations. Thank you for your continued support. Uwe Eickert, Pres. Academy Games

Mare Nostrum - Empires

Lead and Build a Mighty Empire in the Ancient World

Freedom - The Underground Railroad

A tense Cooperative Game of the Abolitionist Movement against Slavery

Birth Of America Series

Cooperative Team Play - Light Grand Tactical Play

Conflict of Heroes Series

Tactical Squad Level Games - WWII through Present Day

Fief - France 1429

A Game of Medieval Political Maneuvering and Diplomacy

Fog Of War Series

Operational Level Block Games - 1919 to Present Day

Pre-Order Games & Expansions

Pre-Order Storms of Steel 2nd Edition and 1754 Conquest - The French and Indian War

On Preorder Now: CoH Storms of Steel 2nd Ed, 1754 - The French and Indian War

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