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"The CoH system encourages realistic combined weapons interaction to accurately portray battlefield usage."
B. Ferreira

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Academy Games publishes fun and engaging games that also impart social and historical learning. We specialize in historical board games for gaming enthusiasts, schools, museums, universities and military personnel. Our products range from family games to tactical training games. Our games are quick to learn and fun to play. Each game gives the participants a sense of history by including writeups and maps that neutrally describe why the situations or conflicts occured, how they progressed and their historical repercussions. We are honored by the many awards that we have received and hope to follow them up with new games that exceed our customer's expectations. Thank you for your continued support. -
Uwe Eickert, Pres. Academy Games
Conflict of Heroes Series
Fog of War
Birth of America Series
Fight for the Colours

Latest Updates

Fief - France 1429 should be shipping before the end of the year to our American and Canadian supporters! The games were supposed to arrive at our warehouse on the 15th of December, but we were informed that there will be at least another week's delay because of the Dockworker's strike. We will update this page as soon as we receive an update. European customer orders will be shipping in mid-January.

Teacher's Guide Books for 1775 and Freedom will be available in January! Each book includes game-based instruction, including a week's lesson plan, background knowledge, related readings, and assessments. 1775 won the 2014 Historical Game of the Year Award and Freedom the 2014 Cooperative Game of the Year!

Conflict of Heroes - Solo Expansion will be ready to ship to the printer by month's end. We expect to ship in March 2015. Pre-Order supporters will receive the limited Army Expansion with their order!

Fief - France 1429
Freedom - The Underground Railroad Header Graphic
1775 Rebellion Header
Guadalcanal: Pacific Ocean 1942
Awakening the Bear: Solo Expansion
Ghost Divisions - Computer Version
Strike of the Eagle

Latest News and Announcements from Academy Games

1812 - The Invasion of Canada Winner - DiceTower 2013 Wargame of the Year
Price of Honour Winner - Genuis Award for Historical Game
Strike of the Eagle Version 2 Rules posted
Conflict of Heroes Korean and Russian language Rules posted
NEW Monster Tank Expansion firefights posted for FREE!
Winner 2014 Cooperative of the Year: Freedom - The Underground Railroad
Winner 2014 Wargame of the Year: 1775 - Rebellion
Shipping NOW: Ghost Divisions - Computer Game
Pre-Order with all Stretch Goals: Fief - France 1429
Pre-Order Special: Guadalcanal
Pre-Order Special: Awakening the Bear Solo Expansion

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SOTE Demo Game

SOTE Demo Game
Learn and play a demo scenario
of Strike of the Eagle!
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1812 Demo Game

1812 Demo Game
Learn and play a demo scenario
of 1812 - The Invasion of Canada!
Play 1812 Demo Game Now
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