Mare Nostrum Compatible Mythical Beasts Expansion

Mare Nostrum Compatible Mythical Beasts!

Mythical Beasts Expansion Set

This new expansion set is fully compatible with 'Mare Nostrum - Empires'. Add these Mythical Beasts from the Ancient World to your game!

The Mythical Beasts expansion is available exclusively through the Board Game Geek Store at

The set includes:

  • Hydra - Roll one land battle die against each legion and fortress in a battle before resolving battles in the battle phase. Remove hit units!
  • Kraken - Build fortresses in seas where you have a trireme! Sea Fortresses initiate Sea Battles and negate a hit.
  • Manticore - Destroy one legion of your choice in each opponent empire when purchased.
  • Mermaid - Your triremes may move two sea spaces.
  • Sphinx - Choose the resources you want to trade after everyone has relealed the resources they are trading.

Also Available: The Heroes of the Bible Expansion featuring Daniel, David, Jesus, John the Baptist, and Joshua!


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