Mare Nostrum Compatible Heroes of the Bible Expansion Set

Mare Nostrum Compatible Heroes of the Bible Expansion

Heroes of the Bible Expansion Set

This new expansion set is fully compatible with 'Mare Nostrum - Empires'. Add new Heroes inspired by the Bible with new powers to explore that affect Military, Culture, and Trade!

The set includes:

  • Daniel – Choose one trade good an opponent must trade.
  • David – Add +1 to land battle die rolls when at a disadvantage.
  • Jesus – Temples in your province and adjacent opponent provinces do not double Coin Resources.
  • John the Baptist – Remove an opposing Legion from yours or an adjacent province.
  • Joshua – Opposing fortresses do not ignore the first hit.

Also Available: The Hero Leaders Expansion featuring alternative starting leaders: Alexander - Greece, Brutus - Rome, Gadeirus - Atlantis, Khufu - Egypt, Mago 1 - Carthage, and Xerxes - Babylon!


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