Mare Nostrum Compatible Hero Leader Expansion Set

Mare Nostrum Compatible Alternate Starting Heroes

Hero Leaders Expansion Set

This new expansion set is fully compatible with 'Mare Nostrum - Empires'. Each player can choose the original Leader or the new alternative Leader for their Empire. These Leaders completely change starting strategies and Leadership Track positions!

The set includes:

  • Alexander – Greece: Receive a Legendary Resource for each Capital you control.
  • Brutus – Rome: Build Caravans for only 2 Coin resources.
  • Gadeirus – Atlantis: Triremes in sea spaces produce 1 coin in each collect resources phase.
  • Khufu – Egypt: The first Hero or Wonder built after Khufu is free.
  • Mago 1 – Carthage: Mago’s triremes roll land battle dice instead of sea battle dice.
  • Xerxes – Babylon: Pay one coin when city is built to place legion in that province.

Also Available: The Heroes of the Bible Expansion featuring Daniel, David, Jesus, John the Baptist, and Joshua!


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$10.00 each
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